Christmas at Bryant Park

December 6, 2011

Every year during the Christmas season, Bryant Park in Manhattan is transformed into a magical Christmas city. They erect little “custom designed jewel-box shops”, a 2 story enclosed restaurant, a large Christmas tree and in the center of it all a FREE open air skating rink. The little shops sell things like all natural hair and body products, handmade jewelry, gourmet chocolates, teas, boutique clothing and a variety of foods. It’s a good way to spend a day in the city. I spent the day with my sister, Makeda and my friend, Denese.

Shea Moisture Shop at Bryant Park

We browsed shops- We got some fantastic body products at Shea Moisture!

Skating rink @Bryant Park

People watched at the skating ring which was a little crowded but still had enough room to skate due to it being the weekend and the weather being warm. I didn’t skate this time around -I had to shop! There was a big Christmas tree ( I didn’t get a good picture) overlooking the rink.

Shops at Bryant Park

Max Brenner Chocolates

This shop sells chocolate in a syringe ?!? Not sure how that works but they are well-known for their chocolate and I have eaten at their restaurant in union square before. Needless to say I didn’t try the syringe but saw a couple of people walking around with them. Couldn’t get passed the idea of it. I stopped by the wafels and dinges shop instead for a wafel with gingerbread topping and a little nutella- yummy! It was so good. They are usually in food trucks around the city during the summer so it was a nice surprise to see they had set up a “shop” at Bryant park.

The shops have a european market flair. There are tree-lined alleys and little seating areas  where you can sit and take in the scene while sipping your hot chocolate. You almost forget you are in the middle of Manhattan until you look up and see the tops of the surrounding high-rise buildings.

Christmas hasn’t even come yet but I feel like the season is winding down already. Every year I always feel like there isn’t enough time to see and do everything but every year I try. – more posts to come!

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